The Slavia Hotel occupies the site of a former Town House built in the 17th century. Due to its central location, the owner rented the Town House to the army as a residence for its per-sonnel. Subsequently, the building was used as an inn and then, in the second half of the 19th century, it became a luxury hotel owned by Josef Schiffbeck.

In 1900, the new owner demolished the original Town House, rebuilding it in the Vienna Se-cession architectural style. The ground floor became a luxury coffee house and the two up-per floors housed private apartments. The building's facade is notable for its decorative or-naments and paintwork.

After 1945, the building became a department store. Then, in 1982, it was declared a nation-al heritage site. After major reconstruction, it again served as a café and hotel. The building became famous when Slovak Television used the café to host its popular music show “Café Slavia”.

The Slavia Hotel has been an integral part of Kosice's city centre since 1900, when, complete-ly rebuilt as a luxury coffee house in the Vienna Secession architectural style, it captivated visitors with its ornate interior design, glazed ceiling and picture windows overlooking the theatre. Since then, it has become one of the Kosice's favourite restaurants. Adopting the name Slavia in 1919, it was recently further refurbished before re-opening again in 2015.

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From the history of the building 

2. half of 19th century

Schiffbeck pub in teh old house - later hotel with restaurant, café and beer house



new Secession building with luxurious café



Schubert pub



Royal Restaurant 



Berger kávezo café



Grand royal café



Savoy, later Restaurant Royal



Slavia café


1939 - 1945

Royal Restaurant, famous for Gypsy music



Grand Café Slávia



building served as department store called Hornád



after reconstruction Slávia café, bar and restaurant was opened



bilding declared a cultural monument and later reclassified as a national cultural monument


during 90s

reopening of the café and opening of new hotel



Slávia - restaurant and café